Apartment for Sale in Campiglia Marittima


Reference 7673
Price 40.922 €
Typology Apartment
Contract vendita
City Campiglia Marittima
Sq.m. 51
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

The subject of this sale is an apartment in a multi-purpose complex in Campiglia Marittima (LI), in Via di Casalpiano, in Cafaggio. The building complex is located in a completely fenced park, and features an outdoor swimming pool with surrounding paved solarium, outdoor parking spaces and driveway and pedestrian access roads. The complex is divided into seven distinct buildings. The apartment is part of the "Building E" which is spread over two floors above ground. The property unit is located on the first floor and consists of: living room-kitchen, bathroom and double bedroom.The apartment is catastally classified as A / 2 (residential type), but is intended for the "Manager". The property is bound by the respect of the Building Convention authenticated by the notary Cristiani Mauro on 30/07/2003 repertoire n. 107421/2885, concerning the properties subject to attachment.The lot is appraised as "Lot 13"Commercial area: 51 sqmFull ownership ofApartment (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 95 sub. 608 Cat. A / 2Offers are accepted up to a minimum value of 75% of the auction base price.For more information contact our Area Contact.Publication carried out on the mandate of the Procuring Creditor